Ithaca Bed and Breakfast

Have you considered bed and breakfast for the commencement weekend? Ithaca homeowners generously offer their beautiful homes and guest rooms for bed and breakfast on the commencement weekends only. With hotel rooms booked a year in advance and always in short supply, it comes to Ithaca residents to fill the gap.

"Awesome weekend! The house was more than comfortable. It was a lovely place for bed and breakfast and we totally enjoyed our stay. Perfect location. Could not have asked for more! Thanks for everything." Cindy and Dave, Cornell parents

As a result of sharing their homes and providing gracious hospitality for bed and breakfast guests, life-long friendships have been established and international house exchanges have taken place. This creative solution has enriched the lives of many families while providing ease and convenience for guests on a hectic weekend.

To make a reservation for bed and breakfast in Ithaca contact Commencement Weekend Rentals, Inc.

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