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Where will you stay for commencement? Enjoy bed and breakfast in a beautiful home. For Cornell commencement weekend Ithaca residents offer their beautiful homes for bed and breakfast. If you need one or two rooms a bed and breakfast accommodation is the perfect solution.

"They were extremely gracious and generous hosts. Their home is beautiful and I highly recommend their home for bed and breakfast. I heard many horror stories from my classmates about places they rented (including hotels) last weekend. I'm glad I found you and your service." Justin, Cornell graduate student

Commencement Weekend Rentals, Inc arranges bed and breakfast for the families and friends of graduates for Cornell and Ithaca College commencement weekends. Cornell Commencement attracts over 35,000 guests, far more than can be accommodated in Ithaca's hotels. Generous homeowners fill in the gap on the busiest hospitality weekend of the year. Stay close to the campus, enjoy a great breakfast and come and go through the weekend. You can count on gracious hospitality.

To reserve your bed and breakfast accommodation, contact Commencement Weekend Rentals Inc.

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Cornell Commencement:
May 25, 26, 27, 2018
Ithaca College Commencement:
May 18, 19, 2018

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